Thursday, October 1, 2015

Grand Lake and Surroundings, Rocky Mountain National Park 2015

So I requested that for some of my photographic views that we hike at Rocky Mountain National Park on Sunday. We stayed in the area of Grand Lake, aptly named, it was breathtaking. I share a few of my favorite shots below as well as a few trails we went to and our Moose Family siting.

after the breathtaking vistas of the Grand Lake area we ventured along the rim of the national park up to the area of Kawuneeche, at Coyote Valley. wow. This valley has seen much through the years. if it could only talk...

Next we went to Fairview Curve to get a view  of the Never Summer Mountains and head back south.

and on the way back  through the park entrance we had a Moose Family siting- a Bull (Dad), Cow(mom) and Calf(baby). The male had quite a dewlap (look it up!) and  serious rack.  He was incredible large and we honored their space, kept a reasonable distance. wish the sun was in a better position, as i was not able to ask Mr Bullwinkle to change his position so i could get a better shot. LOL.

and then onto our final stop- a short hike to the East Inlet trailhead for a view of Adams Falls...

  A beautiful way to spend our Sunday. Great time with friends and family...THANK YOU!